When is the right time to replace or upgrade your electrical system?

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Your electrical system also needs upgrading from time to time to function well. Everything wears out with passing time and so are the wires and other electrical components in your home. Assuming that all the electrical components are working perfectly is wrong because sometimes the damaged parts fail to produce the early signs. If you are living in a home which was constructed many years ago, it’s time that you consider upgrading the electrical system of your home. The old electrical system doesn’t support the modern appliances well.
If you do not upgrade your electrical system it can cause many electrical problems in your home:

  • Old and damaged wiring put your electrical system at risk. Most of the house fires are caused due to the bad wirings. When the wires are damaged or not insulated properly, they create house fires risking the lives of your loved ones.
  • The accidents of shock and electrocution increase when the wiring of your house gets damaged. To prevent it from happening, the damaged wires should be replaced soon by trained Electrician Glendale.
  • Your electrical appliances will be at risk because the damaged wires will fail to supply the power constantly. Other than that the old wiring will not be able to support the modern appliances which will make your appliances to wear quickly.

Signs that shows that you need an electrical upgrade:

  • Frequent tripping of breakers
  • Flickering of lights
  • Burned or sparked outlets
  • Burning smell from the appliances
  • No GFCI
  • You have to use extension cords or adapter to fulfill your needs

What needs to be upgraded?

  • The electrical panel which has gone old and is not sufficient for your home power requirement needs the up gradation.
  • Same goes for the electrical meter and circuit breaker. They need to be upgraded in order to manage more power.
  • Damaged electrical panels and circuit breakers need to be replaced so as to make your home safe from the electrical hazards.
  • Adding new electrical outlets and receptacles in your home to suffice your needs. Using extension cords and adapter overload the circuit damaging the wires.
Why upgrading the electrical system is necessary?

Number one reason to upgrade the electrical system of your home is – safety. The old house may have aluminum wiring which is quick to damage causing the flickering of lights and increasing the risk of shock. The oxidation of aluminum wiring changes its properties making it an insulator.
Other than wiring, circuit breakers in old houses also malfunction. They don’t trip when they should. When the electrical panel is overloaded, it heats up which make it vulnerable to catch fire. Your circuit breaker protects your home by flipping the switch and stopping the current flow. But when the breaker fails to trip as in the case of old house heat thus produced will damage the wires and will cause the fire.
The old house also does not have GFCI outlets which are very good to prevent the shock and electrocution. They detect the moisture and prevent the current flow to prevent the risk of shock. They should be installed in the areas like bathroom and kitchen.
Upgrading the electrical system is very important but one should never try to do it as a DIY project. You should hire a professional electrician for the job. Choose your electrician on the basis of referrals rather than solely on the basis of rates. The electrical work is dangerous and it needs an expert, don’t risk your life by doing it yourself. ​


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