Signs Of Blocked Drains

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If you are like most people, you possibly do not think about drains until there are clear signs of issues. There is nothing wrong with this, but life could be much less messy and simpler if you pay some attention before issues like that. Knowing the causes can assist you to fix drain problems more quickly and more easily. Plumber Glendale helps to know what causes your drains to block and back up, along with how to avoid this in the very first place.

How Do Drains Work?

The drain systems consist of a line which runs through the whole building and connects with the sewer system. They also connect with every sink, washing machine or toilet in a business or home. The sink links with a pipeline and a trap which leads to the sewer system and drain line.

How Do Drains Become Blocked?

Most frequently, accumulations in the drains and pipes create blockages. This can be some food from kitchen’s sink, or soap and hair buildup from a bathroom sink or bathtub. When the toilet is considered, a lot of toilet paper and things not exactly meant for flushing down can cause blockages in drains.

Signs Of A Drain Blockage

In case you’re worried about a blockage, below are some signs to look out for:

  • Slowly draining bathtub or sink
    Slow drains can be the very first sign of an issue. This often occurs when a diameter of a pipe is held by a thick layer of soap and grime, or due to a blockage in a pipeline somewhere.
  • Stinky smell
    A stinky smell can come prior to a slow drain, but it’s also a sign of a problem. It can be caused by many things: rotten foods in a kitchen drain or sink, even small rodents in other regions of the sewer and drain system connection.
  • Toilets which back up rather than flushing
    These blockages often are caused by a lot of toilet paper going downward, or more popularly, the wrong things getting flushed down the toilets. This is serious as the item blocking drains could damage the pipelines, or result in damage to your own bathroom as water comes out from the bowl.
  • Drains which gurgle
    The gurgling sound means that the air is trapped in plumbing. This can be caused by buildup in the drains, like oil, food, and grease. Food deposits might not be simple to remove with the drain cleaner always – sometimes a professional high-powered tool, such as a hydro-jetter, could sometimes enhance the interior of pipes simultaneously as they remove blockage causing the issue. Damages to the sewer lines could be one more reason for gurgling inside a drain. This problem is far more severe than a blockage and usually needs a professional to fix the problem safely. Yet another reason out there for gurgling noise in a drain tends to be a blockage in vent pipe which attaches to drain pipes and goes to roof to let the sewer gas escape from the system. If they aren’t taken care of, then you could find out that sewer backs into the drain systems.
  • Water on your plants, or lawn growing near the sewer lines
    It’s a bit different from other signs, as they occur inside the house and these are clear outside. If you’ve found a puddle inside your lawn, you will want to have an expert come in to access the drain and also take actions to remove the damage or clog from the sewer lines. Foliage and trees developing near the sewer lines can create large problems as the root systems could damage the water and sewer lines underground.


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