Electrical safety advices for parents with kids

Electrician Safety

Don’t you agree on this that, electricity has become a major necessity of our lives? We can’t cope up with an electrical outage happily. We also understand how dangerous this day to day necessity can be for our small kids. Talk to Electrician Glendale about safety of electrical appliances and outlets if you have kids around. Take their advice seriously and make changes in your house to make it child safe in context with electricity.

Consider these aspects:
  • Secure outlets- Your electrician will advise you to cover all the outlets that have power and are in range of your young children. Securing them is mandatory as they might put their finger in them or poke in them with other sharp objects. Covering them ensures the safety of your kid.
  • Lingering wires– Try hiding the trailing cords from your kids which are connected to the power. Use carpets for this purpose or other possible ways. You don’t want your kids to trip over these and get hurt.
  • Teaching- You can consider discussing serious issues with your kids regarding electricity and it’s possible hazards. It can be a tricky task to educate a kid about this complex topic. Use easy to understand techniques and educate them with the help of a story or something similar which attracts your kids. These fun ways will help you a lot to make your point understandable to the kids easily. Create interest in your kid and then ace your motive.
  • Safety- Keep the cords of the electrical appliances out of reach of your kid. This will avoid them to pull or tug at them. Affixing the electrical appliances properly is crucial. If you don’t make sure about their stability your kids might get hurt. Keep them safe with your wisdom. Kids are curious beings. They get attracted towards new things. It’s your duty to keep them safe.​
  • Gardens- If you think, gardens are safe for your kids from the electrical hazards point of view then think again. Remember to lawn movers and other deadly electrical appliances your garden have. Keep your kids away from such objects. Never, leave your kids unattended around such appliances. Gardens should be where they play and have fun. Not an unsecured place. Store your garden equipments away and unplug them while not at use.
  • Risky appliances- Make it mandatory to place appliances like electric razors away from the reach of kids. Likewise, appliances like blenders, dryers should also be stored at higher and unreachable places. This is important as they can be dangerous for them. With the help of your electrician you can make your entire house safe for your kids. Being aware about all the possibilities will help you figure out things at a easier way.
  • Water and electricity- We know and understand this quiet well that water is a very good conductor of electricity. Don’t let your kids go around electrical appliances after a wash up session. Teach them never to mix these two elements.
  • Heaters- Keep them away from the water when the water heater is on. The burns can be heavy if you don’t take preventive steps.
  • Power lines- High voltage power lines are a total no-no for kids. We know and understand that these lines are live every time. Don’t let your kids anywhere near such lines. These lines can be reached through climbing trees around them. Restraining your kids from such an act will save them. The electrical poles should be left alone as well. Toys which can reach these lines should be avoided as well from the perspective of safety. These key points can help you a lot at making you life easier and much safe for your little ones.


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